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The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult times for a family. It is a time of strong emotion, uncertainties and feelings of helplessness.  Sometimes the circumstances of death are clear and unambiguous, answers are forthcoming, and the process moves forward. Healing and recovery can begin. Yet in other cases, whether the loss is sudden or expected, the surviving family may have doubts about what has happened. They often experience unfamiliar feelings, including a desperate need for answers to help with closure.

There is recourse. An independent autopsy provides cause and manner of death, and answers any remaining questions. Vivid Pathology provides caring physicians who clearly and compassionately communicate with the survivors. This alone can provide relief and comfort. Autopsy findings provide the answers needed to clarify unsettling questions and bring an understanding of the full circumstances surrounding the death. Informed decisions can then be made. As the remaining questions resolve, family members find it easier to let go and are more able to look to the future.

Whatever unresolved question a family has about their loss, Vivid Pathology has the expertise and commitment to help them find the answers they seek and the closure they need. For more information, contact us directly.

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An autopsy is a postmortem assessment or examination of a body to determine the cause of death. An autopsy is performed by a physician trained in pathology.

autos: self (Greek)
opsis: view (Greek)

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