• A subspecialty of pathology specifically for the skin.

Dermatopathology cases include melanoma, and others types of skin disorders; immunologic, infectious and pediatric.

Our in-house dermatopathologists provide a personal, consultative service to physicians and medical facilities, which includes analyzing medical information in conjunction with observations seen through the microscope in our laboratory.

Because of this highly specialized pathology, a dermatopathologist should be the diagnostician of choice when a physician suspects various skin diseases.

Since a misdiagnosis of certain skin disorders can be fatal, it is imperative that a physician receive the most accurate and timely diagnosis.



  • A subspecialty for the diagnosis of diseases in the digestive tract, pancreas and liver.

Digestive diseases affect 1 in 5 Americans and accounts for more than 50 million physician visits, close to 25 million endoscopic diagnostic procedures and more than 20 million gastrointestinal specimens directed to pathologists.

The request for G.I. diagnostic procedures continue to increase, driven by the increase of gastrointestinal disease and resulting need for colorectal cancer screening in the aging U.S. population.

Our G.I. specialized pathologists and have the training and experience to provide you with the most accurate, highest quality and clinically-relevant information to help you deliver the best possible patient care.



  • A subspecialty studying diseases found within hematopoietic cells.

Specimens our board certified pathologists examine on-site include;

  • Peripheral blood
  • Bone marrow
  • Clinical Flow Cytometry

We provide the most comprehensive combination of single-gene molecular tests and multi-parameter tumor profiles available. All complementary testing methods including morphology, cytogenetics, FISH, flow cytometry, IHC, and molecular are available in-house, which allows an integrated approach to the case, maximizes yield from small specimens, and minimizes TAT.



  • A subspecialty of pathology specifically for women.

Our Womens Health services provide full pathology services to women’s health care providers.

Over time women can experience changes in their health. Vivid is positioned to provide efficient and accurate test results processed in our state-of-the-art laboratory.